Tuesday 6 October 2009

Yes, I speak english

Ok, I have received some advice regarding how to make this blog more popular. This advice is of course to write in a more universal language so I can reach out to a bigger audience. The blog's title will be changed eventually as well when I can come up with a good enough name. In case you're wondering, an exact translation of it's norwegian title won't work as well in english.

Anyhow, since a special day is coming this month I decided to upload this:

This was in particular inspired by the classic Hammer films, though the creatures doesn't really resemble the ones from the movies as they are more like my cartoony take on the famous monsters. The only exception is Dracula who is more or less a Christopher Lee caricature.

I always loved the concept of a multi-monster movie, but sadly there are few who have gotten it right. Universal tried it a couple of times with the old "House of" movies were the monsters barley interacted with eachother and the recent Van Helsing which was an absolute mess. The Monster Squad and Abbot and Costello meet Frankenstein(as well as the wolfman and Dracula) are the only good exceptions I can think of. There is also the stop-motion film Mad Monster Party which I have yet to see.